In the production of A.Sendetsky by A.Vishnevsky’s play

Premiere June 27, 2012

Duration 55 minutes

Only for adults.

A play by modern Ukrainian playwright Artem Vyshnevsky is performed at chamber stage. The perception of the play is ambiguous because of the important feature of the play – the word play, which can be apprehended on-the-scene. The depiction of horrible events of the past and nonsensical reality. Our nowadays reality is not much different from the pastime. The dramatic quality lies within social «colour blindness» , that suits to the current government, just like it did to the previous one. «Dim-witted” and busy people are easier to manipulate, because they have their own sharp problems, which they try to solve on their own ( household, health, security, education etc) and «political elite» and those who are in power , believing that they hold all the cards, are trying to create new problems for society to be busy with. And perhaps this tragic reality is not only about Ukraine? For the average intellectual the performance of depressing and philosophical play is an understanding of oppressive rationality and the essence of society. For «servants of the nation» the play is a statement that among people there is an understanding of reality, which they worked so hard to create.