Theatre ScenA8 – Artistic director – Andriy Sendetskyy

Until May 2020, the Lviv Author’s Drama Theatre and the Experimental-Educational Theatre Laboratory operated under the same name, “SPIROGRAPH.” According to the creative staff of the Theatre and with the consent of the founder and artistic director in September 2020, the Theatre began its 16th creative season called “ScenA8”.

ScenA8 is a stage, platform, platform, podium, or creative space in which an art product is created without unnecessary conventions – ideological, repertoire, age, etc.

The Arabic numeral “8” is the dualistic reflection of the sign of infinity. Inexhaustibility in opportunities, aspirations, creative potential, approaches – the critical universe of the philosophy of LAD Theatre “ScenA8”.

The Theatre was founded in 2005. Since 2010, it has been operating permanently; since 2020, it has been called the Lviv Author’s Drama Theatre “ScenA8” (after this – the Theatre).

He began his work with the premiere of the fairy-tale play “Flower Shop” directed by the play’s author and artistic director of the Theatre Andriy Sendetskyy. The patron and promoter of the Experimental-Educational Theatre Laboratory “SPIROGRAPH,” which works under the creative and academic care of LAD Theatre “ScenA8”, is the Lviv Regional Charitable Foundation “TORBA,” thanks to which gifted children and young people from low-income families have the opportunity to practice, burns, etc.

For years, the Theatre has been trying to reach local authorities at the city and regional levels to lease its roof over its head office. We are listened to, but unfortunately, we have not been heard for years. Today, having no home, the Theatre continues its activities on the stages of Lviv partner theaters: Oleg Novokhatsky Lviv Theatre of Variety Miniatures “People and Puppets,” Lviv Academic Regional Puppet Theatre, the First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Spectators, Lesya Ukrainka Lviv Drama Theatre, Maria Zankovetska Lviv National Academic Drama Theatre.

The Theater’s repertoire includes performances for both adult audiences and children. As of February 2024, the Theater’s active repertoire consists of 14 productions.

Each year, the Theater prepares 2-3 new premieres to be added to its permanent repertoire. We continue to create productions to which we invite and await our audience, to whom, in turn, we traditionally reciprocate with positive regard and love.