One act folk comedy

Premiere March 30, 2018

Duration 45 minutes

Director – Andriy Sendetsky.

Based on the play by Mykola Albykovsky.

A classic play to reach the positive tones of mood. The topic of «parents-children» is everlasting regardless of time or space. At the depth of such questions like understanding, perception, delight the problem is seen through the prism of humor.

The action takes place in a Ukrainian village, not far from the city. A quite traditional XIX-century matchmaking by parents for their children was still popular in 1920-s – the time background of the play.

A rich master is trying to arrange a marriage between his witty daughter and a wealthy young man. Vaudeville scene of Ukrainian classic writer will show you how exactly the girl made fun of her visitor. Then the cast of “Spirograph” will tell about serious topic in a funny and warm manner.