Performance-fairytale directed by Andriy Sendetskyy based on the play by Mykhailo Kropyvnytsky.

Premiere 2007 year

Duration 1 hour 45 minutes

For the first time the playwright presented his work at his hutir (farmland) engaging local children.

The play «По щучому велінню» («On a pike`s order») appeared in the repertoire of SPIROGRAPH theatre in 2007 and has been a great and successful addition to the performance palette until now. The premiere of the play was presented by SPIROGRAPH at the 100th anniversary of the author`s first showing. For many years we have been giving joy to both big and small fans of fairytales in and beyond the city of Lviv.

Authentic Ukrainian clothing is a unique feature of the performance. The laconic entourage – stage design and props – everything is styled according to the traditional domestic atmosphere. Because of the universal artistic elements, the play can be presented successfully both at the chamber stage, where action is happening vis-à-vis with the spectator, as well as the big stage, where the performance does not lose its local flavor. The scenography of the action distinguishes key moments of the plot, complements the artistic «pictures» of the episodes, at the same time making sure that the attention of the spectator is not scattered, that the actors and their interactions are the center of attention.

«По щучому велінню» («On a pike`s order») is a performance with a regular transformation of events and characters, clearly that is why this play is relevant, alive and still fascinating to the guests of our theatre. Each season – is full of unexpected changes, that inspire the guests of Lviv Author`s Drama Theatre «SPIROGRAPH» visit us more and more.