In the production of A.Sandetsky by O.Virer’s play

Premiere 2012 year

Duration 2 hours 20 minutes

Only for adults.

Is there a place, where wishes come true, how do you think? Where you can go to get everything you dream of, even your deepest whims? If you hesitate – you should visit a play called “Station” by Olexandr Witr performed by theatre “Spirograph”. Charmed by the magic of theatre, together with the actors you can give into your dreams for two hours. So – Teatralna str. 22, “really small chamber hall”, black stage space, a couple of seats… and you`re at the “Station”.

Characters find themselves at the Station – a special place, where trains, steamboats and planes arrive to and where the wishes come true. In the staging of Andriy Sendetsky the performers act in circumstances given by the author. The expressive and laconic setting the spectators can concentrate their attention on the acting.

I think that everybody has such moments, when it`s hard to set sights on. The “station” is the stop to get some time for sorting yourself out. Positive thinking, sincerity and faith will help to go on. You can find out which path will the characters of the story take if you watch our interpretation of the ending, which changes every time.