The play “Pigeons” directed by Andriy Sendetskyy based on the play by Polish author Malina Preslyuga

Premiere March 6, 2021

Duration 1 hour

The example of the existence of birds in an urban environment shows the world of people who often live by the same animal laws without even noticing it. The problem of prejudice against the individual based on appearance is raised. The conflict with a contrived enemy and stereotypes is revealed, and the persistent struggle for the right to vote in society is illustrated.

The little “sparrow” breaks groundless conventions and convinces the “pigeon gang” that going through life together is worth it. After all, any conflict can be resolved peacefully… or find out that there is no problem. The observant viewer will agree that tiny and seemingly inconspicuous individuals can improve social life and change the views of others. It is possible that among you, there will be those who live in an environment of artificial, contrived conventions of unjustified harassment…